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Living Gold Co.
Our Company
Living Gold Co. is a well-established manufacturer that has been around for more than 20 years (since 1991). We are situated in Azusa, CA, just 30 miles NE of Downtown Los Angeles.
Each year, we produce over 100,000 gold and platinum roses, as well as other unique items.
We specialize in non-conductive electroplating for organic items such as leaves, flowers and fruits plated in copper, nickel, 24k gold, rose gold, silver and platinum.
As the largest manufacturer of gold and platinum roses in the world, we are known for our exceptional craftsmanship and plating. We have a great team of well-trained and highly skilled artisans and technicians, and we are well-equipped with unique technology and advanced machinery. Living Gold Co. is the industry leader in quality and innovation, and we are constantly creating new products that no one in the world can replicate, both in form and quality.
Unique Products
Our catalog contains more than 300 different products that are made of natural, organic items electroplated in precious metals.
These include real leaves and cones that are transformed into ornaments and jewelry, including earrings, pendants, pins and bracelets.
We also offer custom-made novelty items such as various sports balls, Churchill cigars and baby shoes that can all be treasured as lifelong keepsakes.
One of our newest items that are only in limited production due to their seasonal growth are the Asiatic Lilies and Calla Lilies, which are popular for weddings and anniversaries.
And of course, our most popular products that can be seen online and in stores are the "Gold Roses," "Platinum Roses," and "Birth Color Roses." They are widely circulated worldwide and have been a part of our proud American culture since the early '90s.
Flower Forming
How They're Made
Our gold and platinum roses are made of real roses that are shipped to us directly from the nursery.
We have a specially assigned worker whose sole job is to take care of the fresh roses and watch for the exact time when they start to bloom. Once the roses are ready and at the peak of their beauty, they are immediately and carefully selected, sized and formed.
Then, they are electroplated with our own secret-blended formula. They are plated in layers of copper and nickel and re-formed and repaired again and again before the final finish in 24k gold, platinum, silver or rose gold.
Each piece, which is completely handmade, undergoes strict quality control and takes 3-6 months and over 50 steps to complete. After the rose is completed, it will last forever for your lifetime enjoyment. It is not just a regular rose, but a beautiful piece of art that can be treasured by all.
What We Offer
Our Living Gold products have helped many business succeed and survive, and they have proven to sell well even during a bad economy. Our products have a perceived value with an affordable cost. They have become very popular in the gift and jewelry industries, selling in Jewelry Stores, Flower & Gift Shops, Wedding Shops, online, and more.
1. We have competitive factory wholesale prices
2. Custom-made deluxe Packaging Boxes, exclusively from Living Gold
Red Box (open) Red Box (closed) Gold Foil Box Green Box Gold Foil Cone Box Cream White Box
• Pictured (left to right): Red Window Box (12" rose), Gold Foil Box (12" rose), Green Window Box (12" rose w/ crystal vase), Gold Foil Cone Box (17" rose), Cream White Window Box (17" rose)
• Held steady by a plastic velvet insert, the rose shows great jewelry appeal and is ready for sale without hassle
• Printed on the back of box (except gold foil boxes) is the story about how the rose was made
• Attached is a special card of authenticity with a guarantee: It is made of a real rose finished with precious metal
3. Free consultation on products, sales & marketing
4. Free marketing tools & service:
•Free display posters with any purchase order
•Free digital products CD for website or printing
•Free brochures (limited quantity)
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